20900 Monza (MB) – ITALY
Viale G. B. Stucchi 62/6
Tel (039) 28.42.376 - 28.47.004
Fax: (039) 28.42.378


The components and the assembled products are both manufactured in-house by Co.s.ma.plast. and outsourced, while the final test is conducted strictly at our main plant, in Monza.
So far we can boast a highly competitive factory, developing on 3500 mq, about 3000 of which are roofed, specialized and technologically updated in designing and manufacturing molds.
In total, about 35% of our production volume is exported to foreign market, and the remaining 65% is sold on national market. We mainly export to Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain.
Still significant is the exportation to Australia, U.S. and Brazil. Our range of activity includes everything from the designing, engineering and manufacturing, up to the assembling and sale of technical items in thermoplastic material.

Brands to remember, among many others that trusted our expertise are:

  • Gruppo Itron
  • Gioanola
  • Maddalena
  • Dresser
  • Sam Gas
  • Elster
  • F.R.M
  • MTA
  • Facomsa
  • Fiorentini
  • Elesa
  • Franzen



Moulds designing and Manufacturing, Moulding and Assembling of Thermoplastic Counters
and other Thermoplastic Products

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