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Design, construction of moulds
Playing cards case with a score counter in the cover made of plastic material (ABS) with inalterable bicolour pressing numbered rollers .

Let’s play cards ? Do we need a piece of paper and a pen?
You do not need them anymore with the new cards case for playing rummy or broom and the convenient score counter for playing up to 4 people. It is composed of totalizers with three numbers + another number for marking the won games or the new score when you want to return to play “scala 40” (a kind of Italian game) or to be used in the games where you need to count the thousands.

There is the possibility of personalizing the case with the logo or writings.
The case with the score counter can be requested empty or with quality playing cards of the best Italian brand in pack for rummy or broom.

  • Cipher machines and gauges indoublge injection
  • Double injection rolls
Moulding and Assembling of Thermoplastic Counters
  • Registers for water meters
  • Various mechanisms
  • Worm screws
  • Micro-fans
  • Totalizers for gas meters
  • Parts for gas meters
  • Electric totalizator unit
  • Gas vertical totalizer
Moulds designing and Manufacturing, Moulding and Assembling of Thermoplastic Counters
and other Thermoplastic Products

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