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moulding of technical articles in thermoplastic material


Our main watchword has always been ‘customer care’, that starts from the project phase to crate a product perfectly aligned with the required features, complying even with the most exclusive parameters and pleasing the most fussy customer. First, we always produce an evaluation report of our competitors, besides opening report of our competitors, besides opening a dialogue with customers, in order to manufacture items characterized by excellent fabrication properties, efficacy, long-lasting quality and reliability.
We can say our customer care support is the key to our success on the market, and our distinguishing feature. Therefore the final user’s satisfaction isn’t only our main goal, but especially the strong springboard from which to launch the project we’re going to create. Trusting Co.s.ma.plast. means a firm awareness of learning what the market actually needs, making your business get very het up.

Our beliefs:

  • Customer: Gaining customer satisfaction and making it last with time is an aspect at the root of our success.
  • Product standards: That means focusing on and collecting both all the expressed and unexpressed requirements of our customers, to make the product fit those parameters, according to the laws in force.
  • Quality system: Developing, applying and improving a quality system aligned with the regulations in force, defining strategies and goals, enables us to make a periodic control and an evaluation of the achievements.
  • Costs: We can determine the costs and benefits of those activities, with the aim of achieving the best quality/price ratio.

Moulds designing and Manufacturing, Moulding and Assembling of Thermoplastic Counters
and other Thermoplastic Products

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